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The McCarthy Care Center

Sandwich,  MA


    Grattan Gill, Architect and our office collaborated on The McCarthy Care Center in East Sandwich, Cape Cod, MA. Grattan once worked for Frank Lloyd Wright and is now a Wright scholar and lecturer. This Hospice facility is a contemporary example of vernacular Cape architecture that is carefully sited and shaped by the existing topography. All residents’ rooms face southerly with trellised balconies, giving an expansive view into the woods. The trellises on the balconies and entrance fracture the light entering the building, blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. Clerestory windows illuminate the interior trellised circulation spine, as well as in the Chapel, offering serenity and elegant simplicity throughout. White oak floors, trim and wainscot with warm white plaster walls reflect the natural light with a peaceful glow. All of these attributes are felt in the individual rooms which are very spacious. The building echoes Wright, Japanese and Scandinavian design, as well as the humble shingled forms that dot Cape Cod.


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