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In 2007 we were hired to completely transform an existing residence on Waquoit Bay. The original home was a typical builder’s stock plan of the 80’s. Our clients desired a unique, architecturally sensitive design that would take full advantage of the oceanfront site. The entry façade serves as a stage set which opens outward on the waterside with expansive glazing and access to a gracious deck. A study and living room occupy what was once a two-car garage, now allowing transparency, views and cross ventilation through the building. The second floor contains a gracious master suite and children’s suite which open onto private balconies overlooking the bay. Each space is volumetrically expressed, creating a wonderful feeling of openness. A detached two-car garage complementary of the main house was added which frames an entrance court and serves as a screen from the neighbors. What was once a typical subdivision residence has now become a unique one-of-a-kind living environment by the shore.


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