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    Carefully sited within a four acre parcel, the garden shed/greenhouse & garage/studio represent two of the four buildings which will eventually include a principal residence and boathouse. 

    The buildings are shaped in simple, vernacular forms, finished in painted white clapboards on the "public face" and bleached cedar shingles on the other walls & roof.  Each component is sensitively placed with relation to each other and will finally be linked together with a rambling fir deck that opens at intervals to frame specific views of the property and visually unites the buildings.  The detailing throughout is spare & elegant in its simplicity.  The roof planes turn down to become the walls without interruption of fascias and additional trim. 

    There is a concerted effort to achieve and maintain a high level of attention to detail while manifesting the same hardy character and virtues that we have come to appreciate in Maine architecture.


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