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Sensitively sited on a sloping hillside clearing on a 20-acre parcel, this new vacation home replaces a 1960’s cottage shared by two families. The unique program required two equal master suites which would be for a brother and sister. The public / living spaces are all housed under one long volumetric gable with transparency from one end to the other. The two private master bedrooms reflect the individual tastes of each client while remaining equal. There is a second level above the bedroom wing which includes a study that overlooks the living room. The second floor also includes a bedroom suite with a roof deck with views to the forest beyond. The lower level contains a secondary entry, oversized one-car garage and service spaces. The building is bathed in light from bands of operable skylights which filter through the sculptural roof trusses above. Although the building is air conditioned, the design allows for cross ventilation. The glazed gable ends provide private views in every direction within the woodland setting.

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