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Residence on Cape Cod

Falmouth,  MA


    The new owners of what was once an extremely introverted home of the early ‘60’s decided immediately “to completely transform the existing residence thoroughly inside and out”. The site has a spectacular view down the Childs River which provides superb sailing and easy access to Vineyard Sound and the islands. The transformation breaks the existing structure “out of its shell” to interact harmoniously with its site. The design addressed these issues by first incorporating a new deck or “upper yard” which surrounds the main living level inviting movement outdoors and serving as an extension to the interior spaces. New lattice walls surround the deck at the main entry creating an exterior room which helps to articulate a sense of arrival by developing a well defined entry court separating house from garage. There is a strong sense of flow that diminishes any feeling of containment or constriction.  Guests are warmly welcomed while privacy is ensured from the street. 


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