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Stonehenge on Amrita Island

Cataumet,  MA


    Stonehenge was originally built in 1903 as the second of what was to be four guest houses on the Baxendale Estate located on Amrita Island in Cataumet. Our clients purchased the house in the late 1960’s to become their summer residence. Our firm was first hired in 1978 to renovate the third floor with a one bedroom apartment which up until that time was an unfinished attic. The original tower on the southwest corner was raised to become part of the new living space above. This was crucial to significantly improve the massing of the original structure and allow multiple views and cross ventilation. Now that the next generation have taken over ownership, they asked us to redesign the grand stone porch, the kitchen and all bathrooms. The porch was completed in 2013 and kitchen and bath renovations will be completed spring 2015. Once again Stonehenge will be transformed to preserve the architectural heritage of the island while comfortably adapting to 21st century living.


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